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Chancellor's Letter

Serving Students, Faculty, Staff and Administration

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Letter from the Chancellor

As UCCS continues to grow, so do the needs of all members of the campus community. The mission of the University is to provide a continuous learning experience fostered by open dialogue. This type of dialogue should offer a comfortable and inviting place for everyone to learn and develop. Conflicts in any organizational environment where numerous individuals interact on a daily basis are unavoidable, and conflict management or resolution processes that are fair, non-threatening, respectful, and quick to respond to human concerns become critical elements. The recently approved Ombuds Program promotes an environment which will offer members of the campus community a venue for dealing with conflict that left unattended can interfere with the learning process and work productivity.

The Ombuds Program will offer suggestions to those who seek assistance on effective ways to handle problems that are often unavoidable. The Ombuds Program will promote open dialogue and help interested campus members learn effective ways to handle problems. Open dialogue is critical to the mission of UCCS for advancing learning through the integration of all critical elements which make up the campus. Please take advantage of the Ombuds program if you believe that you have a problem which you cannot resolve on your own

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